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The Spiritual Science of Heart Manifestation
A Day-Long Workshop of Heart Healing, Energy Transmissions & Learning the Tools of Heart Manifestation
Date: February 8, 2014
Time: 10 am - 5 pm
Location: Colrain, MA USA**
Cost: $85


In this day-long workshop, you will be introduced to the ancient and new tools of heart manifestation.  The spiritual science of heart manifestation involves healing your heart center (known as the heart chakra & the heart energy field) and activating the "heart codes" that allow you to manifest with the intelligence of the heart.  Heart codes are part of your human heart blueprint and connect you to the heart consciousness of the Earth and Cosmos.  As you become heart healed and unified with the Earth and Cosmic hearts you are able to manifest with incredible ease and create your heart reality, a life designed by the soul and the divine designs of nature, light and love. 

In the workshop, you will learn about and activate the 4 heart codes.  In a small group setting, you will receive guidance and personal energy healing to resolve any energy blocks to re-connecting with your unified heart intelligence.  The majority of the workshop will involve accelerated heart code activations, which are facilitated by Corrina's energy healing and the group heart energy field created.  The day will conclude with learning how to work with your own heart creation blueprints.  These are heart designed manifestations that can "pop" out from the invisible, un-manifested state (the imagined heart realm) into the visible, manifested state--your life!  

The workshop will be led by Corrina, who has been teaching the heart codes to individual clients for two years.  She received the heart codes and the spiritual science of heart manifestation over the course of five years from a multi-dimensional, cosmic heart field consciousness.  The teachings are rooted in ancient wisdom that was once taught at the height of the feminine consciousness of Ancient Egypt and various Central and South American cultures connected to star beings.  Over the course of her multi-dimensional schooling, Corrina was taught the heart manifestation science by star beings, the Angelic realm, inter-dimensional energy Masters and her own cosmic Self, who is part of the Mother Rose Cosmic Heart consciousness. This workshop will be the first time that the information will be released to the public.

For questions, please contact Corrina, corrina@earthhive.net, 413-624-3494.  

To register, please pay through the PayPal button above or to mail a check, please contact Corrina for mailing address.  

**If you are planning to attend from out of town, Corrina can assist you in finding accommodations.      

Tentative Workshop Schedule


9:30 - 10 am ~ Arrive & Light breakfast (provided)

10 ~ Healing Heart Energy 
         *Background on the separation of the heart & need to heal
         *Heart Healing Energy Transmission

11 ~ Trinity of the Heart
         *Introduction to 3 heart codes: love, light and wisdom
         *Trinity Heart codes activation

12 ~ Power of the Heart
        *Introduction to 4th heart code: God power
        *4th heart code activation

1 - 2 pm Lunch ~ on your own


2 pm ~ Manifesting with Heart Creation Blueprints
       *Introduction to heart creations, soul heart designs & the spiritual science of heart manifestation
       *Heart Creation Blueprint manifestation energy practice

3 ~ Creating a Co-Creation Heart Energy Field
       *Introduction to creating a co-creation field with a group, partner, nature, and/or multi-dimensional intelligence
       *Practice working with the co-creation heart field 

4 ~ Knowing Your Next Action on the Co-Creation Spiral
       *Teaching on how to identify your present moment heart action awareness
       *Sharing on reflections, new wisdom gained & acknowledging and affirming your heart intelligence